Blonde by Etniezz

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Nikkou is shown to have smaller problems with relationships than Yumiko. A boy in their school is shown to have a crush on Nikkou after she helped him out of a trash bin. Later, it is said that one of the boys in the council is a love interest, but he turns out to like Yumiko and says that Yumiko would have to make-out with him so he would go to Prom with Nikkou. In the Carson part of the series, it is shown that her ex-boy toy from France is having a relationship and it hurts her alot, and she breaks down in front of a guy at her school that is suspected to be her future love interest.


NIkkou's life is better then Yumiko's, but still troubled. She got kicked out of France, and sent to Yumiko's school. She has trouble with boys, and such, but not much is known about her.