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Yumiko seems to have deep relationships with the boys in her school, noting that they get jealous when James takes Yumiko to her prom. But she also has a deep, kind of complex relationship with James and an old friend named Felix. Felix is a Phoenix Child that was orginally Yumiko's friend who had perished in a plane crash, or a car crsh (it is not specified). James, however, was Yumiko's second love interest. James, however, leaves Yumiko in SCREAM for another Werewolf, and they are heard to be getting married, leaving Yumiko heart broken, and seemingly alone except for Troy Karakas who admits to his younger sister of being in love with Yumiko through a letter.


Yumiko is said to have a mildly hard life, problems with friends, parents who are never home, and danger around every corner. The creator of Yumiko says that Yumiko has: the same life as me. I'm always stuck looking after my little sister, my parents never are home, and my social life, just like Yumiko's, is falling fast.